Monday, June 14, 2010

Google, unemployment, sports, and loans

More data on Google! This from the World Bank.

Here's a chart showing the duration of unemployment, for the unemployed.

Some Houston sports hotshots (not those) talk about how their sports businesses are going.

Angry Bear has an interesting graph of the number of loans given by banks. I'd like to see the graph go back a few (maybe seven) more years.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cell phones, optimism, health care systems, and latin america

SCSU also talks about the cell phone industry. Phone-carrier exclusive contracts are frustrating! I wonder when we'll move on from that.

Professor Emerson at Oregon State tells us that we have reason to be optimistic about the economy. I wonder what he thinks about the relationship to inflation.

The WSJ Numbers Guy tells us about the problems of ranking health care systems in different countries. I don't think geography should come into the mix, personally.

The IMF examines why latin america did better during this crisis than during past crises and also other emerging markets. I read a similar observation about Chile, before.