Thursday, May 7, 2009

100 days, blogging v journalism, econophysics, and jobs.

The guys at Capital Gains--Stan, Pete, and Andrew--provide their thoughts on Obama's first 100 days. Stan notes Obama's popularity, and partially attributes it to a weak opposition party. Pete, on the other hand, notes six strengths of Obama. Andrew isn't happy with how banking was handling, but admits that there is reason to be optimistic on five other fronts.

Felix Salmon compares blogging and journalism. He says that bad journalism is worse than bad blogging.

I suppose at a time when economists are being blamed for everything, it's not surprising to see more articles on econophysics. This one from Mark Buchanan. I think most economists don't take econophysics seriously, but I think it's interesting to see how other people handle similar problems--though, really, econophysics doesn't handle very similar problems as most of economics.

I like articles like this, which highlight how flexible the economy is. Though we're losing a lot of jobs, a lot of jobs are opening up, too. Sure, there may be fewer jobs created than lost, but the situation is not as dire as some may want you to believe.

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