Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sumner, World Bank, global recession, GDP, the auto industry, and education.

Scott Sumner with an excellent post covering macroeconomics, democrats being called socialists, soaps promoting liberal values, and Tyler Cowen. As is normal on Sumner's blog, the post is quite long, but he makes a lot of great points. Of course, I don't agree with him on the causes of the current recession, I take a more moderate view, I think.

Geo, a map of World Bank development projects. There are some very good, interesting maps there, if you're interested in international aid.

The St. Louis Fed releases some data on how the US is faring compared to other countries.

Even though Wednesday's GDP report was pretty bad, there are some silver linings. For example, the part of GDP that did the worst was the lagging indicators--the leading indicators weren't quite so bad. So, a turnaround may be in sight.

An interesting discussion: does America need the auto industry? Some pretty smart people take a stab at the question. Another NYT "debate" on education reform.

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