Friday, June 5, 2009

Clintonomics, macroeconomics, market research, and my search engine

An interview with Bill Clinton was too long, so the section on the economy was cut. Economix has it. It's pretty interesting to see Clinton's take on the situation, and he addresses the different arguments pretty well. Many have remarked that not only is this an interesting read, but it's also strange to hear an ex-president critique himself.

Matthew Yglesias continues the discussion of what's wrong with macroeconomics, mentioning that model which don't contain micro foundations are not considered. The microeconomic foundations provide a lot of useful ways to think about macroeconomics, I think, such that it seems logical that there should be a strong relationship between the two.

Rosengren, the head of the FRB-Boston, is calling for more research in markets, and their relationships to the economy as a whole. He points out that regardless of predicting the crisis, once the crisis was upon us, many forecasters mispredicted the size and length of the recession. This recession was of a different nature of those in the past, and we need to understand it better.

Oh, and I put together a custom Google search of economics blogs, with a few foreign policy ones thrown in. Not only is it accessible at that link, but it's also on my sidebar here now. Enjoy!

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