Tuesday, March 31, 2009

African bloggers, financial literacy, global regulation, securitization software, car prices, and Geithner.

African bloggers have a conference. Let's hear it for continued development in Africa! May it become quicker and more widespread.

A journalist asks Felix Salmon about the importance of financial literacy. It's probably not really important for most people, says Salmon. That may be true to an extent, but I think it may be important for people to be financially literate enough to know what our government is doing to try to fix the current situation, and whether or not it's a good fix. After all, with so many commentators on current issues, shouldn't people have an idea of how their elected officials are really doing?

I have great respect for Dani Rodrik. Sometimes I agree with him, sometimes I don't, but he always makes me think. This is a thought on global financial regulation.

One of the guys who wrote some of the software turning mortgages into bonds talks about whether or not that was a good idea. I think it's a good read. He points out that securitization isn't a bad thing if it's done well.

You think housing prices are down? Well, car prices are down too! But, that's not really new.

Geithner's job performance numbers are split. The man's got a tough job! I think that it's too early to make a call on his job performance, but I'm still glad we've got such a highly qualified guy in charge at the Department of the Treasury. He was one of the favorites to get the job originally for a good reason, I think.

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