Thursday, March 12, 2009

Technology, the Fed, the global recession, hiring, and trade

Lynne Kiesling has some interesting posts on smart grid technology. I'm looking forward to this stuff in the future.

Ben Bernanke says that he is glad to work at the Federal Reserve. "Economics is only useful to the extent that it helps people..."--very true.

Academic hiring is down, unsurprisingly. People tend to think lawyers can still make money, but apparently law firms are laying off lawyers, too.

U.S. trade deregulation provided for around 25% of trade growth. Seem obvious? Well, maybe not to people who are advocating protectionist policies.

Global Recession Status map. On the other hand, Chavez says that the global recession has not affected Venezuela.

Another thought on the unit-root-vs-trend-stationary Krugram-Mankiw debate, this time from David Altig at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

Research on the question: Does Money Bring Happiness? Some research says yes!

James Kwak provides Nationalization for Beginners.

Dani Rodrik on the problem with economists. He says we need to use multiple models, not just the one we believe.

Geithner starts to get some help. Geithner has been scrambling to get stuff done.

The IMF reports the costs of the financial crisis.

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