Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bailout money, underwear, and good news.

Banks are paying back bailout money, with interest. Sounds like it was a pretty good deal!

Another strange economic indicator: underwear. The worse times are (and, presumably, the less money you have), the more willing you are to wear tattered underclothing. Who's gonna see? Also, people attempt to cut their own hair (with hilarious results).

Some regions are seeing potential growth! Seems a little early to be sure, though. Building contracts are up in the Houston area.

There is now increased productivity. Not a surprise, really. When firms lay people off or slow hiring (as they have been doing), they presumably hold on to more productive people in order to achieve this very effect--higher productivity at proportionally lower costs. This goes hand-in-hand with higher profits, which leads to all sorts of benefits in the economy. Yet another sign that we're in recovery mode.

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