Friday, September 25, 2009

Macro debates, national debt, and media regulation

Quiggin on macro wars. Yes, another one. I find them interesting, though.

Here's a global debt clock. Neat! Check out your country's debt, and compare it to other countries.

Here are some interesting thoughts on media and regulation. I'm not sure that they authors have thoroughly thought out the implications of a corrupt government, though. That might be something that's hard to capture in traditional economic analysis, though.

Yet more thoughts on the current state of macro (pdf). Arguably, I think these may be some of the most compelling thoughts on the future of macro--Kocherlakota talks about the research of relatively young macroeconomists at top universities. I think most of the complaining has been about how "most" macroeconomists view things, and how macroeconomics has affected policy, which are more likely to reflect a slightly older brand of the field. Still, this is a great read.

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