Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Say's Law, finance in macro, the elderly, and Pfizer.

Say's Law has gotten a lot of attention recently! Nick Rowe, Robert Waldmann, and David Beckworth. Poor Say, these guys are just piling on. It's not Say's fault he assumed a barter economy! DeLong even invokes Friedman.

Thoma points us to another person talking about the need to take into account financial factors in macroeconomic models. My first reaction is, "Duh," but why haven't I seen any serious attempts to do just that? I've talked about this before. Thoma also provides us with a growing list of people talking about the state of macro. Interesting stuff.

The elderly are the reason why we have a national debt, says Bruce Bartlett. That'll get some people angry. I don't think he's particularly young, either. I wonder if he's banking on the idea that most of the elderly won't be online.

Bad business articles annoy me. Pfizer pays $2.3 billion to settle a lawsuit, but that's less than three weeks of sales. It seems that the author doesn't realize that this is a lot of their sales. He may want to look into how many weeks of profit it'll be. Pfizer's first quarter profit this year was$3.7 billion. That's right, they paid out two months of profit. Ouch.

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