Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Unemployment rates, Shiller on housing, urban data, and soccer.

The FRB Cleveland again, this time telling us about alternative unemployment rates.

Shiller, of the Case-Shiller housing index, tells us about the housing market. Seems like people are more rosy now about their long term investment prospects.

Matthew Kahn talks about possibilities with urban data. If we could look at power bills, we could determine whether people have high-power consumption items, of if they're just being wasteful. I'm sure there might be a number of interesting uses of the data, if privacy issues could be resolved.

The economics of soccer. How do I get to do that?


Highest CD Rates said...

As far as increased use of power is concerned, I can say that yeah people are going techie, so its obvious that they are consuming high power.

Jdvn1 said...

Well, people are using more gadgets, but newer gadgets also try to minimize power consumption. Also, I think this is more about finding outliers, and comparing areas--being a little more precise about our data.